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© 2020, The Dani Awards

The DANI Awards ABOUT US There will be a total of ten categories and a Digital Business Person of the Year for outstanding achievement who have contributed to and advanced the growth of digital media. The DANI Awards are organized by DANI, Digital Advertising Northern Ireland – a leading organisation, helping companies do better business online. Responding to the explosive growth in the UK online market, recognising the power of the internet DANI helps businesses connect with their potential customers online.

ORSAS in England

ORSAS awards are offered by 141 education institutions (HEIs) in England. HEIs are liable...

thedaniawardsco October 5, 2020

Oddest award of the night

Musical refreshment came firstly in the form of Scouting for Girls, a rather interesting three-piece...

thedaniawardsco October 5, 2020

The first award – Best Headline Act

One small gripe to make. The host of the ceremony could have been re-thought....

thedaniawardsco October 5, 2020

UK Festival Award

When sitting down to write this piece, having greatly enjoyed the festivities of the...

thedaniawardsco October 5, 2020

Paltrow, Berry - You Ain't Seen Nothing

The stage was awash with fiddles, tracksuits, drunken rambling speeches, acceptance songs and tears...

thedaniawardsco October 5, 2020

Award Categories


Your entry can be up to 1,000 words long, submitted in PDF format and should address the key headings set out in the entry guidelines.  Small images can be included.  Your PDFs must not exceed six pages.  Total submission must note be above 6MB in total.  We advise the use of images optimized for the web at 72 dpi.


  1. Best B2B Campaign
    A campaign for business that builds awareness, enhances company reputation or generates business.
  1. Best B2C Campaign
    A campaign supporting the marketing of consumer products or services in all industries.
  1. Best Viral Campaign
    A campaign that has set the digital world alight and captured the attention of brand audiences.
  1. Best Visual Design (Web design)
    A design of a website or microsite that successfully reflects its aims, objectives and culture and interacts with stakeholders and audiences.
  1. Best E-Commerce Site
    This category is specifically for the websites whose primary purpose is to sell products online or conduct an interactive transaction online.
    E-commerce & Shopping works are intended to engage a customer in a direct sale.  Projects will be evaluated on the effectiveness of the sales process (ease of use), technical merit, overall user interface, content development and aesthetics.
  1. Best Mobile Phone App
    The design and functionality of an app that plays to the strength of mobile hardware, innovation, content, design and value for money.
  1. Best use of Social Media (Corporate)
    A campaign that effectively uses social media to reach its target audiences and achieve its objectives
  1. Best use of Social Media (SME)
    A campaign that effectively uses social media to reach its target audiences and achieve its objectives
  1. Best use of Search
    Recognition of a campaign that has successfully enhanced the visibility of a website in search engines in natural, free or organic listings
  1. Best Online Strategy
    Recognising the achievements, performance and excellent work for a strategy making a valuable contribution to the organization / company
  1. Digital Person of the Year
    Recognition of a talented and inspiring person who has revolutionised the Digital Marketing industry of online roulette